Coding, Designing, and Expanding in the City

Join us at Manhattan Plaza for hands-on opportunities to learn about 3D Printing, Virtual Reality, Coding Drones,

and learning how to DJ! 

Morrison Mentors is bringing a day of STEM play to the beautiful and historic, Manhattan Plaza. We are passionate about teaching others cutting-edge technology and travel throughout New York to bring that information right to you!

Did You Know?

Manhattan Plaza, located two blocks west of New York City’s theater district on West 43rd Street, has been dubbed "Broadway’s Bedroom," as 70% of the building’s 1,689 units are occupied by performing artists, with the balance occupied by community elderly and community residents living in subsidized housing. Famous celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Larry David, and Terrence Howard started their careers in this building as previous tenants.

Learn more about the iconic history and impact of Manhattan Plaza and how it came to be known as the

"miracle on 42nd Street"

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